No Smoking Day
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15 daaayss... 15 daaaysss... eeeeeh aiiiiiy adeiiiiooouuuu 15 days!!!

quite chuffed at this milestone.... its like 3x working weeks, i've just tried to think of more things to example it to and failed... but hey... the goings good so far. (other than the posts on angrywall.... but they're not that massive)

More to the point -

Every day that goes past is a day i dont have to do again!

Big hugs to all xxx

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hey you wonder sprout you! well done and you should be exceedingly proud (how posh!)



Good for you my little boingy friend. That's brilliant. You'll do it this time, no problem ;)

Gaynor x



Did you know you have completed 1/24 of a year... now you can't say that's not bad going..

Well done your doing great...

I love reading peoples posts who are a couple of days in front of me especially when they are so positive it gives me such a feeling of ( this really is possible) so thank you and you should be really proud of what you have achieved..

Keep the faith :cool:


Get out of here you don't belong

Get out of here you don't belong here I think you have earned the right to be in the week 3 forum so go on off you trot... :)

Keep the faith :cool:


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