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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 again!

Well, I made it to day 2 again without too many cravings at all.

I thought I would struggle once I was home from work and sat in the house bored, BUT I think I may have found the secret to making my quit more bearable!

STAY SINGLE!! I remember my last quit being torture to start with and my other half at the time did nothing to help, all he did was trigger my anger and annoy me to the point of explosion (some of you may remember he nicknamed me the dragon!!) along with refusing to go outside to smoke!!

Anyway last night, no bother at, no one to annoy me, nag at me etc etc, I think this is the way forward lol!!


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Well done. I am almost through my Day 2 (again) and I feel good. I have gone from 'cold turkey' to using an Inhalator, but hey, whatever helps huh.

I am going out for dinner tonight for a little celebration. I have saved £17 (ish) already this week by not smoking :D


Hey well done you two :))

It certainly helps if there is no one else smoking when you are quitting.

Blimey, Porcupine, doesn't the money mount up?? I feel as though I am hardly spending any these days. I'm ashamed to say what I was spending each month would be = to the payments for a new small car:o


rotflmao i like ur style lol

seriously keep up the positive (and funny) attitude you will do great



Eight months, four weeks, 6 hours, 24 minutes and 44 seconds. 16336 cigarettes not smoked, saving $9,312.95. Life saved: 8 weeks, 17 hours, 20 minutes.


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