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No Smoking Day
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Observations in the field

One week into my quit as at 10:45 this morning :cool:.

I'm just having a coffee on the way to work and sitting outside as it's quite pleasant. Of course, outside is where all the nicotine addicts are too.

It's quite pathetic watching them all desperately sucking on their tubes of burning leaves. Even more so to think I was one of them just over a week ago :eek:. It's not even rainy or cold yet. Whatever the weather, they'll *have* to go outside for their fix. Think I might just stay in the warm this winter :).

Disregarding the addictive qualities for a moment, who in their right mind would seriously think smoking looks 'cool' or whatever? It looks like what it is. Ugly and pathetic!! Not to mention extremely smelly and dirty too. To think I was hoodwinked for over 30 years :eek:. No more!!

Stay strong everyone. Smoking does absolutely nothing for you apart from setting up the craving for the next cigarette. Millions have broken free from the addiction. You can too.

Good luck.

Ed xx

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Agree with you to an extent but i'd stop short of calling the behaviour of smokers pathetic. Its far from it. Its essential for as long as they choose to smoke.

I realise it helps to look back at what you used to do and bemoan it but alas, speaketh not too soon my friend, the reaper is creeping around.



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