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No Smoking Day
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Day 1 today?

I actually wasn't planning to quit.

I have tried in the past to no avail. My wife smokes too and she managed a whole week before starting again and I was so proud of her. I never managed to get past three days until a few months ago when I got to ten days - for which I was proud of myself.

I tried all the various NRTs to no avail along with going CT but that didn't work either. I also tried various e-cigs which also didn't help. A good replacement for when I couldn't smoke but no proper replacement for the real thing.

But I saw a new e-cig today - won't advertise the brand but suffice to say, it seems to have worked. I always crave a cig more when drinking and tonight I've had a fair few - and while puffing away on my e-cig, I've not had a single proper cigarette.

I get that they're not the best way of quitting since I'm still getting just as much nicotine and everything but they're cheaper without the toxins so gonna stick with em.

I never really chose to quit, I just saw them and thought I'd give it a try.

It's 02:35 right now and I'm going to bed soon. Tomorrow is the hard part but I can say with more confidence than usual that I think I might manage it this time.

Live Long and Prosper ;)

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Bugger, it's ran out. This should be fun... ;)


Congrats on deciding to at least cut down.

Just a word of warning; my nan decided to replace cigs with an e-cig and she found it to be a great alternative to start with.

But after about 2 weeks of smoking it it started to make her feel sick and now she is back to regular cigs and just the thought of a e-cig makes her feel sick.

Could just be a one-off or perhaps the brand but just take care.



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