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Hi folks,

Well, I well and truely fell off the wagon (hanging my head in shame!) Four months I lasted until one stupid moment of madness and that was me backed hooked again.

Sooo, Ive finally braved coming back here and attempting another quit, Im pretty sure I wouldnt have made it to the four months mark had it not been for the support on here.

Here we go ago again.............. Day 1!!

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hey there, dont feel any shame, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, you might feel as though you have failed but you haven't as you are here, having another bash at it. Every smoker wants to quit, we are the strong ones doing something about it.

keep on keeping on.

Good luck. :)


Hi Red80

I dont see no shame. Well done for choosing day 1 over continuing to smoke. Your doing something amazing! good luck today :)


Cheers guys, hopefully this quit will be the final one. DAy 1 is going fine so far but its usually into the 2nd week I start struggling.

Karri, how are you getting on with your quit??


You have stopped now. Keep looking forward, not back and you'll do fine.


(hanging my head in shame!)

Hold that head high! You are back here, quitting again. We can learn from looking backwards, but the only direction in which we can travel is forwards - into the future.

And that will be a smoke free one - right?! Keep on keeping on!




Good on you getting back on it.

What made you smoke after 4 months? I've managed 3 month or so a couple of times in the past and I'm determined to try and pass it this time. Your experience will be invaluable to myself and others.

All the best


Thanks Yorksx, it was just a complete moment of madness. The same story as usual, I thought I could have just one after a few drinks. But there's no such thing as just one. One good thing is you learn from your mistakes and at least I know I can do it.


That's exactly how I recall it - almost a 'sod it, I'm having one' attitude.

Keep at it, you're worth it.


Hey Red, welcome and good luck with this one, you know what's involved so go to it ;)


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