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No Smoking Day
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Almost through day 2!!

Wanted to post last night after my first day as a non-smoker but couldn't, my lovely son and his girlfriend kept me company - guess they thought I'd be feeling bad but I was actually pretty good, and still am! Think I'm on a wee bit of a high at the moment because I've actually gone and done it! And guess what? The world didn't end, and I wasn't desperately ill or suicidal, or anything else that I expected to be without the dreaded weed!

I've had so many ill-fated attempts at stopping before where I always wakened up on day one feeling like a huge part of my life was missing? Well, not quite sure what the difference is this time, but I certainly feel different. I've tried to rationalize it but haven't quite worked it out yet - maybe I should just forget about that and go with the flow?

Ok, so this sounds a bit jumbled and I feel a bit daft to be honest, but it's hard to put how I'm feeling into words. First two days have been good - much better than I'd ever imagined - so I'm hanging onto that for now. I'm finally convinced though that after more than 30 years as a smoker I can do this and I will!

Not every days gonna be so good and I'll need support, but I will do it! Thanks so much to the lovely people who've been there right at the start - it really has helped :)

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Great post. I am also on day 2, and I feel good. Yesterday i felt pants, but today I feel better.

You are certainly not being daft, and i wish you lots of luck in your quest for non smoking.


Thanks porcupine, and I wish you all the best too! Guess we've just got to take it one day at a time - I'm feeling good so far, which I really didn't expect - every day's not gonna be easy but it's good to start off feeling positive!


Great news redhead. seems that you, procupine and I are at the same stage.

Take it from one who knows, complacency is not the order of the day. I am doing really well sat here on day 3 but am all too aware that there are bumps in the road ahead and the guard has to stay up.

good luck for today! :)


Well done all of you:)

Take it one day at a time and you will get there. Hope you all have a great day today.x


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