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hello - can I join in ?

Hello fellow quitters. Yesterday wasn't too bad for me, although I did feel very quiet last night and i fidgeted a lot.

I am now on Day two, and i have no concentration levels at all. I have sat at work and done approx nothing. I haven't got the energy or the enthusiasm to work.

I have contemplated walking across the road to buy some fags about 15 times today, and then given myself a mental slap. I am really, really struggling to stop.

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Hey there Porcupine. I too am on day 2 (again) and know how you are feeling. I am not struggling at all today but I have before. It can be all consuming and feel impossible at times. The trick is to keep reminding yourself why you are on here in the first place? Something must have happened to trigger your desire to quit.

It will feel awful at times but there are people on here who are proof that it can be done. They are all special but they aren't superheroes which means it can be done by us mere mortals too.

I seem to have taken up tic tac eating on this quit which is weird but it does seem to help.

Never give up giving up.

I wish you well and keep posting/talking.


Hi sorry to hear you are struggling what method are you using to help you stop


Hang in there

Hi Porcupine (I guess you chose that name because you are feeling a bit prickly) You dont say if you are having any help quitting or doing this just yourself cold turkey? It is hard in the early days but there are things that can help ease the symptoms like NRT, or you can just brave it out for the first few days, or hell week as it is called. It doesnt stay this hard, it soon gets better. Please use this forum as a sounding board and read read read the posts from people who have been where you are now. Everyone on here understands how you are feeling and will give great advice. Good luck and hang in there it is so worth it.:)


Hi Porcupine,

I know exactly what you mean - my day 2 was last Friday and I was beginning to convince myself that I would lose my job if I didn't have a smoke but I am now on Day 6 (cannot believe that !!) and am finding I can concentrate SO MUCH BETTER !! I am no longer constantly subconciously working out how long I have to wait for my next fag break and in a three hour meeting today I managed to stay alert and engaged until the end rather than fidgeting like I had fleas and rushing out for a cigarette as soon as it was over.

On top of that I seem to have more patience to do things properly rather than rushing off to get tasks done.

I got through it by treating myself to things - hot chocolate and Muller Rice mainly - and promising myself that when the initial fuzzy head stuff had passed I would work harder to catch up.

Good Luck and Hang in there - it is definately worth it from where I am now !


Hey Porcupine, tell us a bit more, as the others are you doing it and what's brought it on? :)


Hi Sally it was not me was the person porupine that posted am just getting ready to quit am on day 8 champix so thank you for advice :)


Oops !

Thanks Lynn have amended the post - I am new to any type of forum so still finding my feet ! :o

I used Champix and stopped smoking on day 8 of the tablets. I read a lot of scary stuff on the internet and then came on here and found much more positive information.

For me Champix has been fantastic - some side effects (nausea, dizzy and just not quite feeling right) but also the most vivid dreams - all of which have been really nice and positive. The cravings are there but are quite straight forward to ignore - not the nagging stressful can't think about anything else for hours that I have had when I tried to quit before.

Good luck with your quit - let me know how it goes ?


Hi Sally well done you i was thinking day 10 so nearly there i think champix are good, i know i seen so many scary stories to the last time i was on them i done good 12 weeks so am more confident this time i had a few headaches the other night could not sleep but think things are settling now i hope catch up soon i am going to use this forum to help me ,keep up the good work :)


Hi Porcupine. All things pass so you will feel better but if you're anything like me it has to be NOW! Fact is I'm having to go through some 'growth opportunities' in order to stay stopped, one of which is dealing with the ritualistic triggers such as coffee, post-meal etc. It's really helpful to not think ahead to the triggers and to live now. Simple I know but tough to do.

There's good support on here from people who know where you're coming from. From such a wealth of collective experience you are bound to find the help you need. The best bit then is that you can pass it on to others and help them.

All the best.


I know how you feel P. I am doubting my ability to do this but then i keep reminding myself that the cravings won't kill me but the ciggies will. I know it will get easier but i keep looking for excuses why i should delay quitting for a while!

Hope you have got through the day P - don't cave in or i'll use you as my excuse to cave too!


Wow - what a reply, and thank you all. Its like a warm ready brek glow having a support network here.

I need to quit for a couple of reasons. I have smoked for 10yrs. I started as I suffered a problem in life .... and thought it might help !! It did help and a fag became my support. BUT, I have asthma (mild) and since smoking I have had bronchitus 4 times. So - I would like to quite to give my lungs a break.

BUT, to be honest the main shove was when my car broke. I needed a new car, but couldn't afford a loan. That was when I reallised that, if i didn't smoke I could buy a new car. So - i have the car (collecting it on saturday) and i need to quit to pay for it. Failure is not an option.

I am going cold turkey. I was thinking a good sharp shock, get it out the way and carry on with life. I feel actually a lot better now. Today at work I felt miserable and likely to snap at any time. I also felt moody. Driving home from work I thought 'please don't pee me off fellow drivers, because im liable to kill' :p But I feel OK right now. Instead of reaching for my after dinner cigarette ... I came on here.


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