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Hola, it's me! :) Still going strong & living in my smoke free paradise! :D

Just a quick note for anybody who is thing about / wanting to quit but are finding it hard / difficult to deal with those horrible little cravings! The government is launching 'Stoptober' as of the 1st October 2012 with the challenge to complete 28 days smoke free. For more info & to register simply type Stoptober into your search engine. Of course, I would recommend using this forum as a valid quit tool too. I have listed a few reasons to smoking & not to smoke, (thanks Alan Carr) I hope it helps...... It is sooo worth it, one day at a time!

Reasons not to smoking

Money - Save a fortune. Pack of 20 per day = £225 per month! (£7.50 x 30)

Health - We all know the health warnings but choose to ignore them. Will they choose to ignore you?

Smell - Smokers smell horrible - FACT!

PMA - feel better & happier with a positive mental attitude

Reasons to Smoke

Mmm...... anybody??

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ive signed up but have stopped on 9th Sept.


Great to know you are still doing well Leeroy.:)


Thanks Haze! I never thought it possible to begin with but it really annoys me now why I ever smoked..... let alone for 19 years! :mad: Glad I came across this forum when I did & it's thanks to senior members like you who have made it possible to get rid of the horrible, smelly & expensive white sticks that have plagued me for years - thank you! :)

If I can do it........ anybody can do it! :D


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