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Have my cake and eat it !!!!!

Hi all hope today is going to be another day to cross off The calender, and that it's going to be a little easier than yesterday and a little harder than tomorrow...

Been thinking alot lately about how I feel (the positives and negatives about this quitting malarkey) and i've come to the conclusion that i'm loving the fact I don't smoke and all the benefits that come with its just that I would like a fag as well.

This is the problem I can't have both so I need to decide which is better, a list of positives as long as your arm or the semi nice feeling of cancerous smoke filling my lungs. Tough choice but for today I'm gonna stick with not having one..

Like to eventually join the NOPE group but it seems a little daunting at the minute so i'll just keep to my one day at a time

How ya coping Netti I hope everything is good for you..:)

Keep the faith :cool:

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Go ahead, have a fag but remember that there are only two good reasons to take a puff once you quit. You decide you want to go back to your old level of consumption until smoking cripples and then kills you, or you decide you really enjoy withdrawal and you want to make it last forever. As long as neither of these options appeals to you the solution is as simple as ... no nicotine just one day at a time, Never Take Another Puff!

[above message taken from another site the name of which i cant remember]


One day at a time is the winning formula!!!!

every day you wake up is a day nearer to being free....

.... take it from me.... dont be stupid enough to throw your quit away, you only have to come back to it, i wish i hadn't, i'd have been in the penthouse now. Dohhh!

Keep on keeping on, the symptoms are your body recovering from years of abuse, (poor bod) enjoy them, they're only going to be with you once. x


One day at a time

One day at a time it is then...:)

Feeling great tonight, went for a run today and really enjoyed it..

Keep the faith :cool:


Great stuff!

I'm thinking of taking up jogging/running, i like bike riding and can do some distance, and i've enrolled in a swim/gym place through work which has yet to come through, but i think it'll take out some agression and keep me motivated on how much easier it is to breathe during exercise, that and keeping the lard off.

Your doing well... well done! :)


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