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Here we go Day 2


I started off with a real positive state of mind this morning. Then my car wouldn't start! My first feeling was to grab one of my husbands ciggies! Then i reminded myself that i don't smoke so am waiting for the battery charger to do its stuff then its off to work with a positive state of mind again!

Good luck today to all you quitters. And thanks to those who supported me through yesterday.

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hi jerrylee well done on your quit and remember a fag will not fix your car and will not make you feel any better so stay strong and keep going good luck :):)

hi jerrylee, i am also on day 2 (again!) so know excactly what you are going through. I found yesterday (day 1) easy and i am hoping today will be the same.

good luck!

Thank you Clare and magic! It is a daft thing isn't it really to reach for a ciggie in any sort of crisis! Its not like a ciggie will fix anything. The car battery would still be flat and i wouldn't feel any better - in fact i'd feel worse for caving!

Bring on day 3.

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