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Hello month 3!


Last cig was 2pm 7th July...now I'm well into my 3rd month.

All via CT, I've found it really easy. The 'trigger' moments have almost gone but just occasionally, still, a nicotine demon in it's death throes, makes a last ditch attempt saying, "Come on, you've beat me fair and square, you can stop anytime you want. Just one won't hurt with this coffee"

I still return to my mantra.."Bleached paper treated with insecticide, full of expensive poison made to give cancer it's best chance." The moment quickly passes..another demon killed off.

I've killed so many of them, there can't be that many left, they must nearly be defeated....but beware those weak moments..that's when their rear-guard elite troops attack!

Been on a train journey down the Western coast of India. Avoided the cities where poss and discovered lots of villages and suberbs. Hard work but so soooooo beautiful. The poorest yet friendliest people I've ever met. I'm not a fan of religion at all...but Hinduism seems about the best around..but still not for me!

Life is so cheap in the villages..a beautiful, creamy curry with bread and a large drink comes to about £1 They do not use much rice, the locals say it's the chinese who use more rice. It is bread that is used to mop up the curry and there is never a knife, fork or spoon provided. Your hands have to suffice!

PS. For the bikers out there..a brand new Royal Enfield 350 Classic is £1,400!

Good quitting everyone.

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Congrats Phil.

Always keep your guard up though as it's very easy to full back into the trap again.

I blew a two year quit because i thought i could handle one or two smokes one evening.

I actually found month 3 quite tricky this time around as that missing the cigarette feeling came back with a vengeance, I got through it.:)

You are doing really well. Thanks for sharing the details of your trip. I would dearly love to go to an ashram in India to practice yoga. Maybe next year now I have more funds available.

EllieC...That's what I did. I'de been popping €5 each day into a piggy bank!!

After almost 3 months, I checked to discover €340 inside.

Apart from my flight, this covered all my expenses for 10 days in India. (with a little bit to spare)

I want to use the money I'm saving for special things otherwise it's just gonna get flittered away on mundane objects....and it's an extra incentive to carry on quitting!