No Smoking Day
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Day 11 - yay!

Hoooray Day 11, a whole clear week and coming up to 2, the cravings are getting less and the pouch of baccy i found remained unsmoked! I'm feeling quite strong, went to london to see family and didn't really think about it much as non of them smoke, it was nice to be playing with the kiddies and not wondering if my breath smelled really bad. :D

Roll on week 2, i'm ready for you!!!!

Hope all of you are doing great! The nicotine monster is evil and must be beaten!


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Well done you, day 11 for me too (had to check the calendar as I keep forgetting - I think this is a good thing?)

A friend came by and as she left I wondered what that discussing smell in my porch was, then realised it was the smell of smoke from her clothes.

Glad you had a great time in London. Oh how I miss my trips to London, but no smoking should mean more money for flights back to UK, visiting family up north and Camden shopping trips.

Here's to continued success. Stay strong :)


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