No Smoking Day
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36 days - 5 weeks

Well... that was easy.

Hadn't really bothered coming on here because after the first couple of weeks, things just went OK.

Can't say I'm bothered now. I don't think about smoking hardly at all. Obviously I do at times, but only as a random thought about smoking, nothing to do with wanting to smoke again.

An interesting thing I do notice though, is that how people I know who smoke, love to try and get you to carry on smoking. "you coming for a fag?", "nah, I've stopped now, cheers", "ahhh, come on, get some nicotine in ya".... What's all that about? My only thinking, is that it makes them feel worse about themselves for smoking, knowing that I've stopped (in fact I think I remember reading something Alex posted about secretly hoping people failed their quit attemps).

Anyway, good luck to everyone quitting. It does get easy if you want it to be. If you secretly want to smoke, it will be hard and you'll punish yourself every day.

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