No Smoking Day
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Yay onto week 2

Day 8 almost over. Gave all my unopened packs of cigarettes away yesterday. Was looking for something in my bag this evening & my husband saw a pack with 1 cigarette in, he asked if I was keeping it for an emergency. My answer was "hell no, that can go in the bin", and that is where it's gone.

Tiredness has not been a problem today, been out with the family collecting apples. I did some gardening and had a beer without needing a fix. Not sure if the tiredness has gone on it's own or because of the fasting diet tip I saw on one of the other forums. 500 cal limit yesterday (had a lot of salad) and I feel really good today.

I am finding quitting really easy this time around, I have my e-cig to help when I need it. I am feeling a little uneasy at how easy it has been so far. Having quit in the past, I know how hard it can be and I know it may still come for me yet. That said, I am feeling very positive, I was so ready to give up.

The best thing about giving up so far - I no longer hide from my children or sneak out for a cigarette (how my 8 year old has never caught me, I have no idea). It is so nice to say "I'm taking the dog for a walk, are any of you coming with me", instead of telling them to stay in with daddy. I feel like a better mummy now :)

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Well done

Well done mate.. i'm so glad for you that its going well good luck for the future were all here for you....:)

Keep the faith :cool:


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