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Day 6: Big Changes

Day 6.

I wondered if the nicotine gum was making me worse so I didn't use it - what a difference; much more relaxed. Still had pangs but nowhere near as bad. I tried an experimental gum in the middle of the day and it definitely made things worse. I remember Allen Carr saying something about this in his books.

A day at a time I'm starting to enjoy being a non smoker.

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Hi York, These early days are hard... but you have done so well to get this far and it DOES get easier, stick with it and you will see how different you will feel very soon. The Allen Carr book I found very useful. Keep posting and reading and posting and soon you will be seeing the weeks and months pass by and you will be feeling great about your quit.


You're almost through Hell Week, which is the hardest one of all. The first three weeks are pretty tough but get a little easier every day. After that, in my experience, it's all in your head and it may take a while to defeat the cravings that are associated with specific triggers, such as meals, sex, the phone, walking the dog, etc.

But you've done the hardest days, so take solace in that. Don't be surprised if you have a terrible day here and there, or a knock-down, drag-out wham of a craving every now and then out of the blue. But, for the most part, it will be easier every day from here on out.

Good luck!


Sound advice - many thanks.


Well done.... I quit on the 3rd so almost the same time. The first week is the hardest (so I hear) so we're almost there!! Good luck and keep strong.


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