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Hello week 4!

That's 3 weeks done. I am feeling good. Dh has stopped with patches and inhalator. He forgot his patch yesterday and when he got home from work he was in a hideous mood. He said there was no point putting the patch on at that late stage. I told him to put it on so the kids and I could stop walking on eggshells.

Thankfully, he seems in much better form today. I suggested he look at it as a positive thing rather than that he is missing out on something. Fingers crossed things get easier for him.

I have ordered a bike with my work's cycle to work scheme. I am looking forward to it's arrival. It is very cool. I look forward to whizzing around on it. I have applied for a cycling course to help with my road confidence then I will cycle to work.

All in all I am feeling good. There have been a few times when I wavered in the last week but I got through it. :)

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Hello Ellie, sounds like you are doing really well. Im a bit behind you but wanted to say thanks for the update. Its really important for us new to this to see that others are treading the path succesfully.

My wife hasnt stopped yet which is a bit hard for me but i tell her that she HAS to do this at here own pace and in her own way. I dont nag her at all. Atleast your partner is trying.



Magic Hi, you're doing really well so stick with it - I'm in my 4th week at the moment and does smooth out a bit.

Ellie you're going great too - good to hear other folks stories. Mine's pretty up and down since I stopped. Feels a bit like I miss it at times but know its just my head messin with me


4th week! thats awesome. Seems a long way off to me but ill get here.

Keep going geezer


Well done Ellie and everyone else. are gonna love the bike. Since I got mine I dont go anywhere without it........walking is suddenly very tedious. Heck has totally fittened me up. First couple of days I was all jelly legs and though......woooh hooooo....I can ride like a loon up and down hill and my pulse hardly quickens. I can really feel the difference in my lung capacity too. I can breathe in right to the centre of myself. I can breathe deep and long and hard right into the middle of me and feel the absolute cleansing power of fresh air. I know i'm sounding a bit like a nutter again.....but it IS true. Good honest aerobic breathing rules the world :)

Have fun. We'll discuss my recent puncture another day. heh heh


I picked up my bike. You're right, Dippy, I love it. It is a beautiful day and I cycled home through the park. It was great.

All good on the quit front. It is also a bonus that dh has stopped. I don't have to smell the smoke.

Off now to enjoy the sunshine. Have a lovely day everyone.


- I'm in my 4th week at the moment and does smooth out a bit.

Ellie you're going great too -

Well done Diamond & Ellie, glad to see you're still with it, so to speak, three weeks done is brilliant :D


I hope you have a lovely day aswell... Enjoy the sunshine :cool:

Keep the faith


Thanks for all the kind words. I have managed to stay on the straight and narrow despite hassle from eldest son. Just reminded myself that a cigarette won't change things.

I am a wee but saddle sore but still loving my bike. I am looking forward to cycling on the school run tomorrow.


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