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No Smoking Day
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It's all a bit too easy, but I'm shattered

Hi all,

My e-cig was finally delivered after customs removed the nicotine carts. I dashed to the nearest large town to buy some carts (nicotine free is all they have). So I have smoked nothing but an e-cig, no nicotine for 5 whole days (day 6 today).

I have smoked on and off (mainly on with breaks for pregnancy and breast feeding) for 24 + years. Apart from one time, when I just gave up for many months by deciding I'd had enough and refusing to buy more, this is the easiest time I've had quitting. I had a bad day on day 2 because of car problems, but decided to try my e-cig before resorting to smoking and I was fine.

I know how hard it can be, but I also know from the past, that I need to be mentally ready to quit. Loving the e-cigarette, it is making those times I'd reach for a cigarette so much easier + I can use it in the house :D. My big test will be when my husband goes back to the UK soon and leaves me stuck in the middle of nowhere (where we now live) with our 3 young children.

I found this site while searching for info on quitting and suffering extreme tiredness. Found some old posts saying it was perfectly normal, so I'm off to get some things done, before I fall asleep sitting here.

Good luck to all those quitting, my friends advice to me was always very good - if you can last 5 minutes you can last 10, if you can last 10 you can last 20 etc....

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zzzzzzzzzz sorry , did you say something? i was asleep..... yawn zzzzzzzzzzzz


Can relate to the tiredness. Can't find a get up and go at the moment.

Well done so far.


Thanks, nice to know other peoples get up and go has got up and gone too. Where is the sleepy smilie when you need it :-) zzzzzzzz


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