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I was offered a cigarette today

I went to the house of a former client today and she offered me a cigarette as she smoked her 2nd while I'd been there.

We used to have a smoke over a coffee so she knew me as a smoker but when I declined her offer (politely) and said no I stopped over 4 years ago her response was a look of genuine puzzlement and she said "Why?"

To which I replied I didn't want to do it any more.

But probably the oddest reaction I've ever had, usually its "Wish I could" or "Good for you" or something like that.

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:D I saw a friend a couple of months ago for the first time since I quit, she said "Shall we go for a fag?"

The look of shock on her face when I said I hadn't done that for nearly 3 years was priceless!


A lot of my friends always say to me when I tell I'm iv gave up is I wish I could.. I always say go for it then. But they say it's too hard and they tryed before


shelley - they just haven't found their time yet like you have.


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