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Half Way Through Hell Week (ish)

Day 3. Really wanted to smoke today particularly recalling a family bust-up at the weekend (not mine thankfully). I'd love to say I found inspirational resolve or counted all my blessings but no it's pure pig-headedness and keeping it in the moment. At one time I felt really good earlier (on reflection I was trippy), and started to think how much better it was going to be on holidays, family events and the likes without smoking. All positive stuff until I started to plan what could possibly go wrong at these occasions, whamo my good friend Mr Cig comes to the rescue.

This is a sneaky addiction that will lull me into a false sense of security if I let it so it's better for me to live just for today and deal with life's offerings now, rather than think I have some nebulous positive or negative affect on the future.

Off to the dentist now - drill/smoke, drill/smoke? I'll take the drill! :D XD

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Nowt wrong with a good dollop of pig-headedness York. Whatever it takes to get you through.

You are right to stay in the moment and avoid projecting your thoughts into the future. For one the future you wont feel the way you feel now, coz you wont be on day 3 of stopping. For another.....the future always turns into the present and all any of us can ever do is to not smoking in the moment we are in.

Hope day 3 isnt too tricky. Day four tomorrow and I bet you'll feel a bit less panicy then.

Well done York. Keep it up. Good luck at the dentist too :)


I just congratulated you on your day 2 post lol. I'll say it again tho. Well done on getting through another day. Sure there will be hard times. If it takes pure stubborness to get you through then that's what it takes. Each to their own. After a while getting through the day is a thought that you don't have so much.


Thanks Mark and Egg.


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