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Day 4


Hellooo everyone,

Just having a peek in to the day 4 and beyond room, my first time of posting and i am on day 4. Its been a bit tricky but nothing that i've not been able to handle yet, no screaming abdabs or anything.

Have tried to cold turkey it, but am succumbing to a couple of nicorette mist squirts a day.

Glad to join you'se all!

We're all smelling good!

Zeb :D

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Hi Zebedee welcome to the forum. Great decision to quit and getting to day 4 is also great.This forum will offer you support and guidance from people who know exactly what you are going through they have all been there themselves. Just shout up if there is anything that you want to know about and someone will answer.

Thanks Haze,

Its all good, a bit up and down at the moment, stunningly tierd almost horizontally, beating that demon one unsmoke at a time. It can be done though! Keeping the faith and holding on.

Concentrations really shot as well, hoping it all :)feels better tomorrow. :)

Yes all classic symptoms and you are so right they will pass. I never could understand the tiredness though. I think the forum is a brilliant tool because early on smoking consumes your thoughts and at least you can vent those thoughts on here and I think it can be quit cathartic. Keep posting and reading and posting and reading and I can honestly say it will get easier and this is doable:)

Hoooray! Like minded souls is what the doctor ordered!

I feel at home already

*pulls up a chair* :D:D

HAHA I know what you mean I remember the early days I felt lost and miserable thought I would never enjoy myself again..... RUBBISH. I remember one particular Sunday morning I got up early and walked down to get my Sunday paper instead of going in the car and it was around March time just as Spring was starting and I could not believe the smell of the air it was wonderful and I filled my lungs with this lovely clean air and I knew I never wanted to pollute them with fag smoke again!:)

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