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First post, day 9 Cold Turkey woop!


Hey there,

My name is Tom, i'm from Exmoor, U.K, I'm 24 and have been smoking since i was about 16. Recently realized how much of a hindrance smoking has been and finally decided to quit last 9 days ago. I have tried before but this time I've developed the understanding and will power to finally beat it.

Ive also started getting fit, and bulking up ready to attack life as a fit young man :)

Last few days have been hard and my business partner smokes so the temptation has been there but I will not give in!

I have been reading this forum for weeks now silently and although I cannot think of anyone specific to thank, it has been a great help so thank you regardless!

I hope to provide some support for others going through the same experiences in the future!



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Hey Tom, welcome! And well done for giving it a go while you're still so young!

I wish I had but that's easily said and am just grateful I have had a crack at it now I guess. This forum has helped me get to today in my quit so keep using it all you need to.

You might not agree with everything you see on here but it's never dull (!)and there's always a post to help you with whatever issues you might end up having as you probably already know :D

Hi Tom

First welcome to the forum :)

and second well done on deciding to quit and starting your journey to freedom joining this site will def help you as we all know what your going through and can offer as much support as you need along the way

keeping a positive mindset and taking one day at a time will help

look forward to reading your updates



Hi tommy

Well done 9 days quit CT is brilliant

Don't think I would of still quit if it wasn't for the support of some of the amazing people on this forum. The best place to be when ur flagging or something isn't sitting right with ur quit.

So again well done and keep on posting

Hey guys,

Thanks very much for all of the replies, still goin strong on 10 ;) update in new post.

Best Tom

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