No Smoking Day
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7 weeks :/

Some crazy amount of stress has been set upon me. I'm not really handling it too well. Haven't had a cigarette yet but the thought of just one won't hurt keeps crossing my mind. I also keep picturing me sitting in the sun smoking a cig clearing my mind. I know It won't help. I like posting on here cuz it allows me to talk myself out of these thoughts!! Ahhh!

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Hey Aliiciia good on you for giving yourself a chance, 7 weeks is too long to give up now!!! If you had a smoke you know you'd feel rubbish about it as soon as you lit up and then wish you'd not done it so for now you are still winning :)

Life still goes on unfortunately as you know; you said yourself it won't help so you're doing well.

Get through tonight and you will feel a lot better about not having had a ciggie tomorrow morning! ;)


Hi Aliiciia hope today is a better day for you then yesterday :(

that smoking side of you will try and tempt you to start up in any way it can and works even harder when your stressed and upset

that thought of one wont hurt is a big fat lie all it will make you feel is alot worse

also if you did give in and inhale it wouldnt have the same effect as your smoking mind wants you to think you would most probably start coughing and thinking wtf that tastes disgusting :eek: then beat yourself up about it

plus smoking isnt going to solve anything its not a magic wand and gets rid of all the stress and upset in your life it just causes more

stay strong you have come so far and you will get over this



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