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New member on day 12

Hi I'm Jackie, a new member on Day 12 and I was referred to this membership by zoemac cos she threatened me with her hammer :eek: I think some of you might know her?? :D She is my neighbour, and between us, with her hammer and my will power we shall crack the habit, and have a hammer and tongues party after. Hope to chat to you soon,


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Hi Jackie

Hi Jackie, great you stopped smoking round about the same time as me, cos I was gonna crash my quit today until you said you had stopped. If I get a craving I can hammer your door in the middle of the night :p only joking, but it is nice to have a quit buddy I can actually see, and I know you will do well cos you are strong.

Go for it girl :D

Zoe xxxx



Welcome Jackie and well done on getting to day 12

That is a great achievement

Is there any chance of wrapping Zoe's hammer in bubblewrap ;) that way she cant do much damage

Great news that you have a quit buddy like Zoe she is a star :)

Pssssst make sure you dont leave any cakes or choccy out otherwise she might fight you for it hehe

Look forward to reading your updates





Welcome Jackie, Great that you have a real life quit buddie (the virtual ones are pretty awesome though too) You can keep an eye on Zoe for us. It is great that you can support each other. Good luck with your quit and use this site as much as you can cos it really helps.:)


Hi Jackie, welcome! Nice to see you're still with us too Zoe, look after each other (wasn't that what Jerry Springer used to say?!) ;)


Thanks Carol, Haze and Angry Bear :D

I am going through an identity crisis cos I typed Jackie's posts for her so I don't know who I am logged in as :eek: I am Zoe at the moment, so watch it Carol cos no way am I wrapping my hammer in bubblewrap :p and I won't steal Jackie's choccy either, but she might need to hide the wine though.

Jackie is gonna do so well and will make the penthouse cos she is strong and a joy to all of us neighbours. I am proud to know her. She is fab and we are taking her dog for a walk soon, he doesn't smoke either :D

Zoe xxxx


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