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Day 1

I have smoked a pack a day for the last 10 years. Today is my 3rd realistic attempt at quitting. Previously I've used patches and gum, but end up smoking when I've had a few drinks. Today I've found really really hard. I've decided to do it cold turkey. I've wrote down why I have decided to quit and keep on reading it. The cravings are terrible. In my brain I'm saying one fag won't kill you etc etc......I have resisted because then today would have been a waste of time. Today I have ate an unreal amount of food to try and satisfy my cravings, but it hasn't worked. Please any tips would be really appreciated!

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Well done Talula. 3rd time lucky eh?!

Remember this. How you feel now is NOT how not smoking feels. Its only how not smoking feels for the first 2 or 3 days. Hang in there one moment at a time and I promise you, as will everyone else, that it does get better. Meanwhile, stick to this forum like read read and rant rant rant. Its the best stopping aid ever. You are NOT alone :)



Well done on deciding to quit again Talula and as Dippy says it does get easier the further along the quit you go the fact your written down your reasons for quitting and keep reading them is great as it helps to remind you of why

also the further along your quit you go you will add to that list of pluses to quitting

keeping your mind and hands busy when your getting a bad crave will help till it passes reading and posting on here will help too as your not alone everyone on here knows what your going through and will support you all the way

sipping water also helps and finding something to distract your mind i found playing online games a godsend when i first quit

and dont forget to pamper yourself by buying treats for yourself with all the money you are saving :D

onwards and upwards is the way to go





Well done Talula, hopefully you're still battling through the first 72 hours :confused:


Hi Tallula, Welcome to the forum, I hope you are not struggling too much rest assured it does get easier.:)


Hello, the only advice i'm qualified to give you is to not put yourself under pressure and listen to some of the people on this forum.

good luck. Im with you all the way!


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