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Month 3...hard start

Hello everyone!

I said my goodbye to my Month 2 thread a couple of days ago but I got busy with other things and forgot to start my thread here. Well, here I am today :)

I'm super proud to be here but I'm also having a very hard day. It's the end of a very long and hard week and when I woke up this morning I saw it was sunny outside and my first thought was 'great, I can sit on the balcony, cup of coffee in one hand, cigarette in the other!' Snap, Wrong thought!! Very wrong, especially first thing in the morning.

Second thought after this was that I'm an idiot for quitting such a relaxing habit, how will I relax now?! Yeah, kinda said I still have stupid thoughts like these going through my head on my third month.

Well, it's the afternoon already, I replaced the cig with a book and I'd say relaxing is going pretty well. I'm still craving a smoke. Experience tells me I will till I go to bed tonight and hopefully I'll forget about it tomorrow morning. The important thing is that I feel it's manageable.

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Well done Jessica,

Glad you are managing to get through the day. Funny how thoughts of having a ciggie can bite you on the bum when you least expect it :eek:

As you say, tomorrow is another day and you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter how much you think you might like one you can get through the without it. We go stonger day by day :D

Enjoy your relaxing ;)

Gaynor x


I had the same a few days ago I'm in month 4. When cold so fire came on then it hit me the craving. As it Wud of bin me sitting next to fire brew in one hand fag I the other.


Hey all!!

I've been having a pretty good 3rd month so far. So good I went on for days without thinking even once about smoking. I've even been around smokers a few times and the smell really annoyed me - and that's all it did, not a single thought about how it might feel if I tried it again or how good it was back when I was a smoker.

Yesterday I had a few bad moments. I weighed myself and realized I gained 4 pounds since I last stepped on the scale (umm that would be more than a month, not sure what the exact date was). And I felt a little upset even though I know I've been eating quite a lot, had a few celebrations in my family so no big deal. Until I started having this thought about how smoking might increase my metabolism and help me lose these pounds by Tuesday (I'm getting back to the office on Tuesday, I've had a small vacation). How silly can I be, huh?! Especially since I never replaced food for cigs and I did not replace cigs with snacks. I didn't even gain when I decided to quit. Blaaaaah I guess it's just one of those days when thoughts about my old addiction just have to find their way in one way or another.

Anyway, since these thoughts were pretty strong, I had one good thought in there that helped me: if I smoke even one cigarette I'm gonna have to go write that on the forum and then go back to day one and it'll make me feel so bad to write that I have given up. And just like that I beat my cravings this time :D Never realized how much good this forum can do till now:)


Good on you Jessica, glad you're doing well, I daren't get on the scales, they'd break since I quit :D


I have come through month 3 and into month 4, I too have had cravings, especially if someone else is smoking and I can smell it :confused:

I keep telling myself I will not give in to the nicodemon no matter how much weight I put on :D


I have come through month 3 and into month 4, I too have had cravings, especially if someone else is smoking and I can smell it :confused:

Thankfully, most of the time being around someone who smokes does not give me cravings, on the contrary. I usually end up hating the smell and wondering how on earth did I enjoy inhaling that every single day.

And by the way, I managed to lose 2 of the 4 pounds in 10 days with no cigarettes, just good old portion control and exercise :D

Month 4, here I come:cool:


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