No Smoking Day
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How have I made it this far?

Well here I am, just creeping in on the 4th floor. Happy to be here, but still all over the place mentally with working out life without smoking. :confused: Most of the physical changes are good, so that keeps me going. :D

Still as long as you've got porridge (with a touch of maple syrup) for breakfast then I'll sit quietly and soldier on.

On my penultimate e-cig cartridge. I will buy no more. Fact. Then just nrt gum and sugar free gum.

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Good to see you posting in this room

sounds like you have a very sweet tooth :eek: maple syrup on porridge

i prefer it on pancakes :p

just remember it takes time to readjust to doing things without smoking you still have alot of first things to do

but you will get there


onwards and upwards is the way to go




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