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Past week

This past week or so iv never felt so much alive.. Feel like I'm starting to feel the great benifits of a non smoking life. Hardly any anxiety not saying its all gone as I still do get a bit.. Well if it is anxiety I'm having doubts that it was that since iv bin taking B vit as thats when it started to settle.

Just feel amazing my energy has gone from nowt to loads I'm sleeping all nigh now. Waking up awake and not tired. Bin jogging and I think that is helping clear me chest as I'm coughing up gunk now

Never ever though I Wud see the light.. I was only a glimmer a few weeks ago now it's cuming into full focuse.. I'm not 100% I Wud say 70 if I'm felting Grady now it's gonna be super at 100%

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This is a fantastic post to read. So happy for you Shelley. Well done for sticking with it.



what a great positive post to be reading

a big


your doing so well and the fact your seeing the benefits will help spur you on in your quit


onwards and upwards is the way to go


Shelley Good to hear your feeling the benefits, must be a massive boost !!!

Keep going



Smashing post, Shells! :)


I am glad you are feeling better now Shelly. Just goes to show that no matter how hard you feel a quit is, stick with it and you will get there.

I am not far behind you and have been lucky in my quit this time. Previous quits have seen me not having the same strength to carry on as you have.

Hope you have a lovely weekend :D

Gaynor x


Great update, Shelly! Taking a Vitamin B complex is so helpful with energy and mood.... try magnesium for any left over anxiety, most people these days are way depleted due to life styles and diet. If you have a sensitive stomach you can try magnesium oil.... google it, tons of info on it out there. You're doing awesome with your quit!


Great post

Shelley, that is brilliant! I know how hard you have worked at this quit and I am so pleased for you. You could so easily have given in when everyone around you failed, but you didn't, and now you reeping the benefits and I couldn't be more pleased. Definitely onwards and upwards is the way to


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