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The End is Nigh!


Ok, so I'm on day 56, and next Wednesday will be Day 1 of Month 3!! So, what's new with me in Month 2 ......

Last October, I was involved in a car accident with a fellow teacher in the school car park!!! Well, the t*** reversed into me, said he didn't see me and yet, would not accept responsibility. So, me being me, knowing full well I wasn't at fault, took it all the way to County Court, the hearing was last Friday... I WON the case, he's now a confirmed t***, who thinks the Highway Code is a book of 'suggestions' but NOT 'best practice'... YES he is a teacher and holds a driving license!!!! And would love to name and shame him on this forum but I should leave him with a little dignity, as he hasn't much else!!!

Throughout this whole experience, I reckon I would have probably have smoked my 15 a day during this morning!! 10 leading up to the case and 5 to celebrate my win!!! Made me think how much I was a slave to it!

Then, to celebrate my win and the bank holiday, I went away to Bournemouth for the weekend. Went out clubbing whilst there, had several brandy's and a couple shots and my friend who has also recently given up smoking decided to stand/sit/dance/bop/sway right next to the bloody outdoor smokers area... I just couldn't get why? Maybe someone on this forum could shine a light on this!

Anyway, I am proud to say I didn't give in, there was no real temptation, however, the journey there, whilst stuck in traffic, I did have a thought of the days gone by, yester year, traffic = boredom = lighting up!!! Like I said, that was yester year! And this is now!

Month 2 has brought with it some not so nice symptoms and the odd thought of a cigarette to my lips but I've soldered on....

Month 3, and a freshly painted room hopefully awaits me, with arms open wide!

Thank you all for your kind words of support and just being there for me. Good Luck to those that are new to this and Good Going to those more settled and Good Riddance to the Cancer Sticks for All.

Blessings and Guidance to you all,

Mimi xxx

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you really have had alot of stress since quitting and yes those situations would have given you the perfect reasons to start again

but you didnt

how fantastic is that


so glad to hear you won your court case

thats a great reason to celebrate

as to why your friend felt the need to hang out with the smokers while she only recently quit is maybe her way of getting through her quit we all have our own ways of coping and some like to still be around smokers

it never bothered me really as i did live with a smoker when i first quit

i just couldnt believe how much the house stunk of that disgusting smell

and i was also able to smell a smoker even if they werent smoking at the time :eek:

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