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Made it to day 4

Well, so far so good. I have made it to day 4. Although I have made it beyond day 4 before it feels different this time. I have found that not only does cigarette smoke smell disgusting, it actually makes me sick. Last night I got a splitting headache as soon as I went into my OH house and got a wiff of smoke. I had to leave the room because I actually wanted to throw up. I had the same thing this morning with wanting to throw up. Even feeling like that there is still part of me that wouldn't mind a smoke at certain times of the day but I am fighting through and determined to win this time. But day 4 I'm proud of myself!!!

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Great work on making it to day 4 Mark - we are all happy for you!

Glad to read the negatives of smoking are at the forefront of your mind - it really is horrible.

Let's focus on another smoke free day and here's to a happy Friday!


Thanks Sam. I'm not so much focusing on the negatives as noticing them. Even the smell of smoke turns me now. I'n not ready to stop taking the champix tho as I would like to complete as much of the course as possible before going it alone. I just keep posting to tell myself how proud I actually am of myself. A couple of months ago I was at a very low point in my life and now I am the happiest I have ever been. I love life and plan on living it to the full.


Well done getting to day 4 Mark. I'm on Day 5 - I found day 4 tough, hope its going better for you - just had to keep thinking positive - sounds like your doing good with that. We can beat this thing - hope you have a good weekend and stay strong


Day 4 is killing me. But I know if I can get through the day I will be fine. Day 4 has been my downfall in so many of my previous quit attempts so it is more than likely my own thoughts are making it seem worse. Even thinking that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I'm holding on to the thought that the day is nearly over and I will soon be on day 5 and over the worst of it.

Words of encouragement greatly received


Hey Mark,

I am on Day 3 and it has been killing me too lol but at least you are a day ahead of me :p I've been ranging between grumpy to feeling like Jack the Ripper, I got soaked to the skin this morning cos the zip broke on my jacket, and I swore profusely at a hard-boiled egg (don't ask :rolleyes:) Course, as soon as I found an umbrella it stopped raining, typical :rolleyes:. But after a four mile walk I am feeling much calmer now, I think, (where did I put that hammer??) and looking forward to a nice meal tonight.

Am sure we will both feel better tomorrow, and meanwhile we got them Champix dreams to look forward to tonight lol :D

And there is two episodes of Eastenders tonight lol, I need sedating!!


Zoe xx


Don't give up, get stubborn!!

Mark & Zoe, keep at it, push through, grit whatever you have to grit, get stubborn, get mad, be in control, DO NOT GIVE UP!

You own your quit, the fags don't own you.

I pass 8 weeks at 10.30pm tonight and trust me it does get better but I felt as sh*t as you do in my first few days and just ploughed through it while leaning on this forum. If you have a smoke you will be sooo mad at yourself.

Don't put yourself through days 1-4 again, you've done them now, and done them well.

Push on, when the fog and crap clears believe me it's wonderful, it really is.



Thanks Bear for the encouragement it does help and I made it :D Can't stop laughing at myself for yesterday cos I was wandering around muttering "I have a hammer and I WILL use it :mad:". Sounds like a men in white coats job to me lol :eek:.

And congrats on the 8 weeks, that is awesome :cool:

Zoe xx


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