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I have just entered....Month four

According to Quitmeter;

Congratulations Keith1975 -

You've now been a non-smoker for:

0 years, 3 months, 1 days, 22 hours & 25 minutes

In that time you've saved over $735.48

You've avoided smoking over 1379 cigarettes.

You've extended your life by over 6.7 days.

So, it must be true. I've refrained from smoking for over three months. I'm pretty chuffed at this news. It sneaked up on me pretty quietly.

Anyway, this beats all my previous quits by a good two months:D.

Sorry for the obnoxious nature of this post, but I have to announce my entry to month four for my own motivation.


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Well done!

Well done Keith, although I know you're not looking for that specifically....I didn't find it obnoxious, it's another positive post!! :)


Welcome to month fourth Keith my fellow May quitter. Well done.

We are getting really good at this. :)


Well done Keith. Post what you want mate as it's your forum to use. In fact it's every bodies forum. :)


Well done Kieth so good to here on how well you are doing!!

Your post is not obnoxious at all, since i wil lbe entering your world come sunday its so good to here from different peopple over various months ect. Your into month 4 and so positive about it its fantastic! if I can get to month 4 there wil lbe absoulte no way I wil lgo back to them, i have tried so many times and the longest i have ever gone is 8 weeks!!



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