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Here a go again with a BIGGER reason to quit!!

Hi Everyone,

I am back on DAY 1 as of 2359 tonight!! The reason why I am back on this fourm is because i have found it really helpful in the past and the support has been amazing.

On 21 Apr 2013 I will be running in the London Marathon for the first time in my life.

I have been watching it every year for as long as i can remember.

So i am back on the no smoking wagon and my fitness training starts tomorrow for the next 251 days until Apr next year and hoopefully beyond.

If you would be so kind, i would very much appreciate a small contribution to a great cause.

I am currently serving in the RAF and I respect all charities that support the military so i will be raising money for the Royal Air Force Association. Please see the link on my signature block.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this even if you dont donate, i am still very happy to be back with you all.

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Thank you for the suggestion.

It was a funny comment, lol. I could use a wingman, to help me run the miles that i need for the marathon plan.

Hopefully my dog can keep up with me.


Well done on both the decision to quit and the decision to run the Marathon in support of a charity you care about. I hope it gives you the biggest incentive to stay stopped. :)


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