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No Smoking Day
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Hola - I'm still standing!!

Hey guys, just a note to let you all know that I'm still going strong! Not had much chance to post on here, work is going bonkers so I really have not had time. I do sometimes see if there are new posts and have a read if I get a trigger but things are getting much easier for me throughout the day! Doing lots of gym & keeping active: D. Drinking is the biggest Grrrrrr for me; I tend to find myself standing in the smoking area & passive smoking! I could just stop drinking altogether but I don't want the nicotine / cigs to dictate other pleasures. I have limited the alcohol consumption though to a couple of pints so I can handle the demon! Anyway, must crack on! I hope everybody else is OK & doing well! Happy Monday! :)

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Good to hear from you Leeroy, was wondering about you and how you were doing, glad to see you're all good :D


Well done

Glad you are still quit Leeroy. You will soon be fit on the inside aswell as the outside if you keep up with the excersise and the not smoking! Well done you.


Leeroy! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooooooo. Hoorah. :)


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