Ohhh it's cosey in here

So after multiple attempts I've finally made it! I have to say I'm pretty damn chuffed with myself. Not to sound on a downer, but I'm rubbish at sticking to things; whatever it may be. I think this is one of the first things I've achieved through sheer determination....and success tastes so sweet.

I celebrated with a little peep of my car peeper during the drive in to work. Yeah! That's how I role.

Not to make this sound like the Oscars but thankies for all of your help and support for the past few years. It's that support that pushed me to start in the first place and is now helping me (ok odd in a smoking forum) with losing the weight also.

Cheers peoples...you're great


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  • :D

    what a great positive post to be reading




    its always great to see someone elsa reach the penthouse

    as when i started my journey i never thought i would achieve it and dont think i would have done without the people on this awesome forum :)

    Posts like these help to inspire the new quitters who are just setting out on there own quit journey






  • Another member hitting the dizzy heights of the Penthouse and maybe an Oscar :)

    Congrats my friend as that is a massive achievement. Now it is very important to stay on track though. It's very easy to start smoking again like i did after 2 years. Don't put yourself through all that torment again.

    Well done


  • well done for quitting smoking for a year. may u have many more smokeless years.

    mash x

  • Excellent milestone :D Brag away and yep, an Oscar is very deserved.

    You did it:cool:

    Oooge congrats on your Year + a few days.

    Ooh ... how apt. There's fireworks going off near by :)

    Pol x

    Apols for lateness :)

  • Awesome!! So pleased for you, welcome to the Penthouse, the hot tub needs a few skinnier folks ;)

  • Awesome!! So pleased for you, welcome to the Penthouse, the hot tub needs a few skinnier folks ;)

    Agreed we all need to lose some pounds, but please, for goodness sakes stop sprawling! :D

  • Well done Stav

    Glad you've made it, never in doubt.


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