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No Smoking Day
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Life's hurdles

Morning all, day 2 dawns. :)

Have fallen out with the OH over finances and we aren't speaking. He told me yesterday to go buy some tobacco - bloody cheek (but in a selfish way he has a point). I can, and will, do this without him... it will just be very quiet round here for the next week.

'Here lies the woman with golden hair

murdered and in her grave

killed by the son of a coal burner

because she wanted to live.'

This is from a story about a woman whose life-force was taken from her but continued to grow from her grave even though she was seemingly without life... it shows we will always somehow find the strength to fight suppression of our life force by nicotine (and anything else!).

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Hey, sorry to hear you fell out with the OH. I'm not surprised about the cheap shot he made by suggesting you smoke again... It's pretty typical for a feuding couple to wind each other up to the max. Still, you know that... So, just stay strong!



Thanks Alex .. he did actually clean the inside of my car this morning. We seem to take things out on those we love but I've come to the conclusion that people are weird! (everyone 'cept you and me of course :o)


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