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'Failure' on day 2

Hi all,

Firstly, not sure if this is in the right forum or not!

I recently read the Allen Carr easyway book, and quit smoking at 6pm on Wednesday, cold turkey. I guess I didn't follow all the instructions in the book properly, as I still kept trying to convince myself that I actually ENJOYED smoking. Anyway, I just went to the shop, bought cigarettes, lit one, had two drags and threw up. After 46 hours.

Now I'm feeling like a complete idiot, and that I have failed my quit.

Any ideas/tips/suggestions?

At present my plan is to tear up the packet of cigarettes and just keep going with cold turkey, as I'm not prepared to fail.


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Well John, keep on quitting, you know it makes sense. I read the book as well but it struck me as a bit pompous for him to think his is the only way. I preferred Kristina Ivings' Free Yourself from Smoking.

Read lots of posts here and ask questions. I'm not the best person to ask because I've only been quit for 47 days and I'm very happy to have quit.


I don't think you can just read the book and follow the instructions. You need to be convinced yourself that you want to stop, for the right reasons, and not waver from that decision.

Many people who quit think (or are right about the fact) that they enjoy smoking. That is not the point. The point is investing in your future by stopping something that will likely ultimately kill you.

Smoking is like ensuring a slow and painful death. You won't feel it today, tomorrow, in a few years, or pehaps even in a few decades. But, rest assured, the poisons are slowly working their way into your body, causing your organs to malfunction, your skin to wrinkle, your blood flow to constrict, an many other side-effects that will only show up in the future... The question is how many times can you keep smoking, hoping that the latest one you smoke isn't the one that's going to tip the balance in favor of cancer, COPD, or whatever other hideous disease that awaits.

Also, as Una points out. Kristina Ivings book is better in that it gives a lot better insight into the psychology of smoking. I find that it helps to understand how and what I feel before I try to change my behaviour.



Start again with a different method I read Alan carr and didn't like it one bit..thort he was a bit up him self tbh I do t like ppl like that.. So try something else..may take a few attempts to quit.. But least ur trying.. ;)


And I don't care what any book or anyone says.. I did enjoy smoking I loved it.. That's why I did it..the only reason I gave up was cause a group of us Did it.. Bit like a compation..and I'm winning as everyone's smoking.. I could of gone back too it but I didnt as I like being a non smoker better than a smoker..


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