No Smoking Day
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belief go on day by day - freedom

Today is the 2nd day, i've not used pipe & cigarette

I feel better when stay in office & home

I fear go out street or go for a drink ( with close friend, say no make them unhappy ?)

How do i improve action ( sometime i feel unbalance, dizzy, can play basketball,.) ?

How do i join social party as normal as time i not give up smoking ?

Thanks so much for your advisory... all kind buddy :>

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Well done deciding to quit smoking. It may take a while before you feel the same as you did before when you are out in a social situation. The physical feelings will also take a while to settle down they are your body adjusting to not having nicotine in it. Your friends should be happy for you for not smoking. Good luck!


Well done...The massive secret to all this is taking it DAY by Day, (Hour by Hour if need be!)

Pre-prepare yourself for those trigger moments which are normally habitual, as opposed to 'crave driven' and have a defence already prepared be it washing your hands, talking to someone, posting on this forum, walking around etc etc...for you know these moments WILL come.

Who in his right mind would pay the treasury (and all those expense driven mp's) by buying expensive sticks of effective poison? certainly effective enough to kill me and you!!

Who would willingly invite Cancer along and give it its best opportunity to ravage your family?

Just don't give in.


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