No Smoking Day
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Day 10! Double digits!

Feels awesome to know I'm in the double digits!! Except being so tired! I lay here on my couch with no drive for anything. My car decided to not start so I'm stuck at home for awhile til my mans off work! I was wondering if I did a 5 day body cleanse with fruit and smoothies if that would help give me some energy? Still getting that darn anxiety!! It's crazy how many people I've noticed smoke then I did before when I was a smoker. One thing that keeps sitting in the back of my mind is that I feel like I led 2 of my good friends to smoking in the past and now they smoke and now I don't. I feel as there is a unspoken hostiliy between us. This new lifestyle has really changed my thinking a lot for the better! Sorry about the rant... Just having a very reflective day! Cheers to day 10 though!!

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Well done on getting to day 10!

Don't worry about having got your friends started. They are adults (I presume) and they didn't have to smoke (unless you forced them). :D You can perhaps help them later on if they decide to quit.

Take care of yourself. Multi-vitamin supplements can help a lot, especially in the beginning.



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