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No Smoking Day
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Days 12 - 15 (Just copied & paste from an old post)

Just taken this from an old post from iquitjanuary11th2009 and thought this was soooo spot on so thought I would share it. Great read!

I believe this to be the crucial make or break point in a lot of quits. A lot of people will fail in this spot because there is a psychological challenge hump about this time. Even if you make it through - you could go a few more days just riding it out but the decision is made in the depth of reckoning here.

Here is my tip: The secret to quitting smoking is to use withdrawal as a reason not to smoke, not a reason to smoke. How you view this image of withdrawal will decide if you will become successful or not. If you go back to smoking then withdrawal controls your life. If you quit, then you control your life.

Up to this point.... i hate to say it - but you are not in control. You will have to change the way you view withdrawal. Probably the easiest way to defeat anything is to not fear it - even someone twice your size will have to respect you if you don't fear them. You cower and cave to it - I guarentee it will be smiling at you because it knows it owns you.

This entire process is nothing more than... can you regain control or not? 97.5% of the time you lose! Why? Because you don't listen to the people who told you not to run. Stand there until fear goes away. Fear will find its next customer if you don't run from it. It will get bored and leave.

I hope this message sinks in for some of you.

You want to quit but you don't want to face anything. That's not how it works. The world meets nobody half way, those who want it have to take it For those of you that want to quit - you will. For those of you that don't want to quit - you will. You will both be successful at your goal. I can guarentee both statements.

[EDIT] By the way, that withdrawal is not really physical at this point... its pretty much all emotional and psychological. That is the real withdrawal!

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