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End of Day 3

Hey, I'm new to this site an just wanted to ask a question about "the fog"!

I'm 21 an have smoked something like 10-15 fags a day since i was 15/16 and now its the end of Day 3 i still have a terrible foggy like mind. I have a university re-take exam coming up at the end of August an wonder whether this dodgy state of mind will persist for very much longer, and whether revising might be an issue?

Thanks alot


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Hi Alex, I'm no expert as I only quit 6 weeks ago but the 'fog' lasted about a week for me and I smoked for 50 years. Someone here will be able to answer any questions. You couldn't come to a better place.


I had a foggy head for a few days when I quit, but luckily it subsided after about the 3rd or 4th day. I think it is to do with the nicotine draining from your body, but I'm no expert. I would suggest that if it doesn't go away after a couple more days, you should probably see a doctor.



Hi, welcome to the site!

I'd say if the fog hasn't dispersed by a week, ten days max, go see your GP.

The quit can still do odd things to your mood and sleep patterns even when you're free of nicotene (amazing what tricks the mind can play) but it shouldn't impair your faculties to the point where you can't revise.

Keep going - it's all worth it!

Helen x


Hey Alex, well done of your quit, day 3 is no mean feat! Congratulations! From what I have read 'the fog' is a mixture of positive things happening to your body at once, withdrawal of nicotine, the increase of oxygen into the blood & brain, toxins leaving the body, blood sugar levels increasing etc... I'm currently on day 11 & no longer have the fog. My personnel experience the fog was from day 2 until day 5. Found it hard to concentrate or focus. Try some green tea & plenty of water which helps & poss some cranberry juice to keep the sugar levels high over the next couple of days!! Keep posting on this forum & days will fly by! Keep with's worth it!! - Leeroy


In my experience the fog hung around in the early weeks of my quit, eventually my mind sharpened as did my tongue, if anything quitting smoking helped me focus more as i wasnt constantly distracting myself from whatever mission i was on, just give it time , eat,drink and sleep well, reward yourself often and everything will go tickety boo. break the bond between revising,stress and smoking ,they do not have to stay married.

Mash x


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