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Day 13 almost over

Hi All

Just to let you all know i am on day 13! yipee! have had some really bad cravings but it is getting better as it is going along, i have started back at the gym and running to curb the weight gain but i dont feel like i am eating any more than usual to be honest. When I quit before I was replacing fags for wine and that made me gain a stone!!!! May stick to the skinny G&T for a while but i suppose your body gets used to it after a while and the weight will start to drop off.

The other half has quit and he has had a couple of mishaps but he seems to be doing ok. smoking really stinks now.


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Well done Steph!!!

You're right on track to a successful quit.



Thank you. all i am worried about is getting fat!


Umm, can't help you there. I'm much fatter now :( But, at least I'm smoke free. :D

I'm sure several others have managed to handle both quitting and avoiding weight gain... Come on all you skinny ones, let's hear how you do it!!!! It's probably to do with eating more healthily and exercise. :p



LOL, I haven't put on any weight and mostly exist on chocolate, cream cakes and sweets :-)


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