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Quitting young!!

Hello everyone!! My name is Alicia and My reasons for quitting smoking ... Hmmm I am only on day 8 and I feel great so far! I had really bad anxiety from day 3-6 and now I can distract myself from those little episodes. I honestly started smoking at age 15 and now I'm 20 and have met an awesome guy who has encouraged me it's possible take up a new lifestyle. I admit I signed up for the forum because I just need the support from people who have had the addiction and now are in the same boat as me.

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Well done for having taken the step to give up, young as you said. :D

You'll find plenty of like-minded people here, both young and old. The advantage you have is that by putting aside smoking now you run a lot less risk later on in life. It is definitely worth embracing a healthier lifestyle!

Good luck, and stay strong!



Well done for giving up.. Like u I had really bad anxiety after 2 weeks of quitting and had it for about 3 weeks were I nearly gave up on quitting.. It will pass I won't lie and tell you it will be soon as everyone's different.. Just post on here web u feel bad or need help.. It helped me loads and still does :)


Well done on deciding to quit and thank god for your new boyfriend! He will definitely help you stay quit. Your age should be a factor for staying quit too, most of us wish we had not left it so long. Good luck with your quit and I am glad you are strating to feel good you will soon be feeling great!:)



Your smart that u are even thinking of quitting at your age!! Throw them in the garbage and turn the page!! I wish i would of done it sooner...


I am exactly the same, I started smoking around 13! Im 18 now and quitting because my boyfriend is concerned about my health and his.

Well done and hope its going well :)


Aliciiand Kerry

Well done on your decisions to quit so young. Good luck.

Fi x


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