No Smoking Day
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46 days is super


I can't believe it's been this long and I've managed to not smoke! It feels like a bad dream now that I would wake up and smoke before I ate, then smoke after I ate or drank anything.. Was always looking for the next opportunity to have another ciggy...hanging out with other smokers rather than good friends,n stinking after having one, not ever really relaxing after a meal and thinking that food was soooo good..relishing it... And thinking about it ... Before it was al about the flaming cigs... WELL I AM HAPPY about this and I hope you all are too. Best thing we could be doing is NOT smoking. Hey I guess I'm feeling even more angelic cos am doing 'dry in July'..a charity challenge where you give up all booze for a whole month...I guess this has helped a little in the last 2 weeks as I used to really enjoy a wine with fag.... But you know I am just so overexcited to get to August and enjoy a nice glass of vino, without the stinky fags !! Anyway I am looking forward to getting along to the next milestone. Keep up the great quit ye all....see u soon. Sal xo

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Heya well done you!

I feel the same. Uber-happy that I've quit and it seems like a bad dream too.

Can;t believe I ever did it.

Glad someone else feels the same :D


Yes 46 days is SUPER! and so are you! Each day keep going!


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