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Day 22!!!

Hey guys!!

I've made it to day 22!!! I can't believe it. I've been doing ok lately, nothing as bad as the two moments I wrote about on the Week 2 forum. I've had a few moments of thinking a smoke would be nice, with absolutely no reason at all, no triggering event or place. But I guess those are normal and I'll probably have them for quite some time from now on. I kicked the thought pretty easily, so I'm not complaining for now :) Today I actually had a very positive moment. I was at a store and the lady in front of me bought a pack of the same type of cigs I used to smoke and I looked at them and I thought 'I can't believe I used to waste my money on those things, why in the world did I do that?!' So proud of myself for thinking that :D


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Day 22 Fantastic!

Wow Jessica, day 22 that is over 3 weeks without a smoke that is brilliant well done! It is great when you have a moment like you had in the store, you will have many more of them moments! Pat your self on your back it is something to be proud of. Well done!:p


Jessica, I find myself looking at people smoking and wondering why they are doing it :-)


Having a really hard time today :( Had a monster fight this morning with someone from my family, someone whose opinions I respect a lot and that whole fight left with a feeling of 'I don't give a crap about anything I wanna calm myself down, smoke a whole pack right now'. I managed to take a few deep breaths and go for a walk and the feeling got a bit better. But even now I'm still feeling pretty crappy cause of that fight, sad and angry at the same time and both feelings are making my cravings worse :( I think I'll go to the gym in a while, if it doesn't get better. I'm totally not in the mood for a workout, but maybe lifting a few weights and being around other people will improve my mood and help with my cravings.


Jessica, I found myself in a similar position Monday night, it would have been the easiest thing in the world to pick up the cigs, you could even go so far to say it would have been acceptable; no one would have been surprised or would have minded, I had all the excuse I needed.

But I figured that I was only feeding the trigger as the nicotine's long gone, so they was no reason to smoke and it probably would not have calmed me down anyway...I felt really good about it afterwards, another test passed, same as you're doing today....:) I hope you can sort whatever it is that's going on but as you know yourself, having a cigarette won't change anything. Well done and good on you for carrying on!


Yes go to the gym. It is horrible when we have fall outs with people we love and respect smoking or not. It would not help one iota to light up, you would probably end up feeling even worse. Go and lift some weights and release some endorphins.


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