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Ever Get That Feeling

Hello I'm new to the forum and haven't quit yet. Not sure why I could name about a 100 things that bug me about smoking and I'm sure everyone here that has quit could tell me 100 more. I want to quit smoking and as of about a month ago it was 30 years for me. I have quit before and started back up again. I'm 41 years old and I can still remember what I was doing that day I started up the first cancer stick and believe it or not I can remember what day it was.

Sorry I could babble on anyways I need to quit now and really not sure how I found out the other day that I have diabetes and the doctor told me it's not got for that reason alone. Plus I can't stand the smell on my clothes any more or the dirty ash trays but like I said before I still haven't quit. I used to be one of the people that went I'm going to quit on this day and yeah guess what happened. Nothing because I set a date. I think when I actually do quit which hopefully will be soon because where I am from smokes are $11.15 to $16.00 a pack it's going to be one morning I will wake up and put the patch on and just say to myself the hell with this time to quit.

Any thoughts would be welcome on what I have written thanks

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Bambam..... If it helps, I signed up with this forum in October '11, but didnt manage to quit till May '12! Looking back I now dont know why on earth I dithered so long, but then, like you, I was obviously just getting there.....psyching myself up till the moment was right. You know what though. In the end it was way easier than I imagined...... and absolutely the best thing I have ever done. Just do it Bambam. Wake up and make it the morning you slap the patch on. You know you want to :)


Hello Bambam. Sounds like you want to quit and are very nearly ready to do so. Thats the key really. I've wanted to quit for about 25 years and had various unsuccesful attempts along the way until this one (39th day of Cold Turkey and counting), because I was n't ready. By the way I'm not getting complacent about this one either, but it does certainly feel different.

My Dad dying (who never smoked in his life!) was the trigger for actually being ready to quit. I set a date, toyed with the idea of e-cigs, then in the end just went for it Cold Turkey. Maybe your diabetes diagnosis could act as your trigger for being ready? Things is you cant force that, but there will be a trigger believe me.

Anyway whatever you do, I wish you good luck and good health. Use this place; before, after, during, whenever. I've found it invaluable.


Hi Bambam

Hello and welcome. Just to echo what Dippy and Esso have said.

Quitting is the best decision you will make and it definitely sounds like you want to. Look forward to seeing you post on here when you make that decision - there is loads of advice and support and we will all be rooting for you. :D


Don't be afraid of trying!

Hey Bambam

I thought about it for about the last two years, knowing I really should quit because, if I was rigorously honest with myself, I knew my health was suffering. At 40 years of age, I was short of breath after exercise, couldn't run more than 50 yards, could hear my chest wheeze, had bad breath, dry and discoloured skin, the list goes on as we all know.

Then I got ill one day and didn't smoke for two days, that was a month ago, since then I've just got stubborn. If you want to give it a shot then go for it; the thought of never smoking again used to fill me with dread when I thought about quitting, but go without for an hour? Well, I can do that easily enough. The hour became a day, then a week, now it's a month tomorrow. Use this forum, it's the best tool you'll have. Good luck and let us know if you decide to go for it.


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