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Day 4...Night out...Didn't puff!


Went out tonight for a friend's birthday drink, all but one other person in the group was a smoker...

Went out to the smoking shelter several times and didn't smoke.

I must confess, I did feel like one at one point, but in a "need something to do with my hands" type of way, not in the chemical sense...

I didn't though!!


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Congratulations Swimmer man on a smoke free day 4 & resisting the little demon when he is at his worse.... While drinking!! *chest out & be proud moment!!* :D

Well done! I know how hard that is in the early days.:)

Well done swimmer... It really is hard at the start.. But I'm noticing myself that there seems to be more non smokers now than smokers.. Went a hen night in feb wen I was smoking.. Out of the 20 ov us that were there. Their was only me another girl and a girl who smoked an e cig.. And we felt rude that we keep having to go out to smoke after ever course of the meal

Well done!!! The best way to quit IMHO is to stop smoking and accept that the world around you doesn't change, which is what you have done. I'm a strong advocate of the philosophy that we need to do what is best for ourselves first, without regard to the influence of others. That means confronting situations that might make us feel uncomfortable and conquering our fears.

I'm not saying anyone should seek such difficulties, but rather to face them head on when they occur.


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