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Day 2..A victory!

Really chuffed about Day 2, I went out to meet a mate (a smoker) for a drink...

Not one craving!! I even went and sat with him in the smoking room every time he went out for a puff.

I actually found the smell to be awful and not in the slightest bit appealing.

Whats more, I said to him that I would only come out on Friday for his cousins birthday if he agreed not to smoke all day/night...He agreed!


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:D thats great to read

but on a cautionary note just be aware that when your out drinking at the weekend the nicotine demon will try every excuse to tempt you back to smoking

especially the classic

one wont hurt :eek:

so be on your guard


Well done swimmer man!!! Great advise Carol! Drinking has been the downful of all my failed attempts in the past. Normally 3rd pint and i'm like, 'one won't hurt' & to be honest I didn't go back to regular smoking for a while but then all of a sudden I started reasoning everytime I wanted a smoke before....hang one! i'm smoking 20 a day again! :confused: Great that your mate as agreed not to smoke on Friday. As an ex-smoker though, the amount of times I promised not to smoke on special occasions so went out of the window when the Nicotine moster wanted feeding!



Just got in...didn't smoke!!

Felt like one once, but that was more of a habbit, something to do with my hands, type of craving than a chemical one...DIDN'T THOUGH!!:D:D


Hope you're still all good swimmer, just a word to the wise, we have a smoking area at work, I avoid it like the plague because, for me, it's too tempting to go out there...I agree about the smell, I've walked past it loads of times but very rarely stopped, if I'm not around it I figure my odds increase...that's just for me though, might not affect others! Well done so far though, keep at it and keep posting! :)


Good for you! The second day I was invited to go out with my friends and I chose to deny that opportunity because they ALL smoke and wouldn't be down to ride in my car where I have prohibited it. I'm on day 8 and hope to see you post for day 8 as well!! Congrats!


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