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yeeaaaahhhh! Day 4!!


Ok, I have made it to day 4! Whoop! Whoop! Got up early this morning (not being sleeping well since I stopped smoking) & went to the gym for 6.30am. Did a 45 min body pump class, felt great, had loads more energy & wasn't fighting for breath! In general my breathing is 10000% better, my lungs don't feel 'heavy' like they did, nose is clear & the soreness at the back of the throat has disappeared. The triggers are starting to creep in, after the gym, popped to supermarket for a drink & found myself standing in line of the tobacco kiosk!? Had a giggle to myself & went to the self service to pay for the drink! :D Now here's to a good day at work, got loads to catch up on as i haven't done a lot over the last few days as been feeling a little :confused: & then back to the gym this evening! P.s using the NHS quit amoking app for iPhone which is a good reference, 4 days, 12hrs & 26 mins since last smoke & saved £27.70 & I can tell..... still got a purple note in the wallet from the weekend & we are on Thursday, that would never happen normally!! :)

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A trip to the shop!

So that was intresting, popped to the shop at lunch time to buy a bit of crusty bread to go with the stilton & broccoli soup. On the way, I had the little demon going on at me, 'You used to walk all this way just for me!' but swept it to one side. Got to the shop & totally forgot why I went. My mind was blank. I remembered about the bread about 30 seconds after wondering around the shop & had this sudden urge there was something else i needed! Wrong!! it was the demon!! Got to the till & gave the lady the bread, 'That'll be 59p please', I gave her a pound coin & she gave me change! Walked out the shop thinking normally that would have been £10, had a little smile & now enjoying the bread & soup! :)

Well done Leroysanta. If you have the discipline to go to the gym at 6.30 am you will be able to quit no problem. Well done on day 4.

Leeroy....super top toppermost topperiness for getting to day 4:) The worst is over and very soon it will just be funny little triggers like your lovely shop story. Stilton and brocolli soup with crusty bread. Mmmmmmmm Yahoo and well done for resisting the demon. Its just going to get better and better from here on. Hoorah.

Note to self.........get brocolli and stilton soup with crusty bread for tomorrows lunch. :)

:D Well done on getting to day 4 or should i be saying day 5 now :p

your sleep patterns will return to normal soon and triggers will get less the further along the quit you go ablit like the cravings they wilbecome weaker

stay strong focused and think positive

keep saying im not going to smoke today

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)

Morning Guys & thank you all very muchly! Did you remeber your Stilton & brocolli with crusty bread today Dippy egg? :) Well the great news is I feel fantastic, I have aboslutely no intention to smoke ever again..... and I mean ever. I have tried to give up a few times before & always tried to distance & delude myself by saying 'i'm not giving up, i'm just going to control when I smoke' which is fine for a little while but they soon creep back up on you & before you know back on 20 a day. Today was the first time I left home for work & when I leave I do a few checks, mobile, wallet & normally fags & lighter but they didn't even cross my mind! Sleeping is fun a the moment Carol, I seem to wake up every 20 -30 mins but they are getting better. You do have to watch out for the triggers & the demon that whispers 'You've do so well, treat yourself to one last fag & I'll go forever' but you know it's a trick + the fact I don't actually want one!! I seemed to have developed a dry cough over the last 12 hours but I've put this down to the lungs starting to seriously clean themselves! This is a fantasic forum which gives soooo much help, advice, strength & support! Happy smoke free day everybody!!:D

Stick out your chest Leeroy....coz I'm slapping my 'most enthusiastic positive excited new stopper' sticker on it. :)

I'm loving your enthusiasm it reminds me of mine. And i'm loving knowing that you're really getting this quit in the bag. It reminds me how much I loved getting my quit in the bag. Getting it in the bag....tying it up.....and batting it off into infinity.

Broccoli and stilton soup was delish. Next up carrot and coriander. You've started a bit of a soup thing in the Dippy household :D

Don't forget leek & potato!! :) Thanks for the positive comments & feedback. This quit seems different somehow, defo was not planned, in fact more the opposite, was smoking more than ever. Had a few too many to drink on the Sat night & a 20 packet, woke up Sunday & didn't want a fag, got to Monday & thought 'I don't want to smoke any more' knew it was going to be hard, especially the first couple of days. When I did (half) try I would leave them at home, only to buy a 10 pack when I got to work! :confused: So glad I found this forum, has made it so much easier, bearable & in a way fun! Almost on day 6 now which on Monday seemed a life time away. Feeling great now, still got the £20 in my wallet from last weekend, which never happened before! :D:)

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