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Having another stab at it!

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible!

My previous quit lasted 6 months and I really thought it was the one. However 3 weeks ago I relapsed in my depression and so with my fags. I was a bit disappointed but they were helping me to feel better.

I'm on a course of anti-depressants and they are now starting to kick in and am starting to feel like smoking holds me back again so here I am again for nth time quitting cold turkey!

I've not had any cravings so far and I feel the AD's help with that but I did have a massive bout of tiredness where I conked out for 2-3 hours and no one could wake me up.

Hopefully all will go well :)

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Hi Robin

dont beat yourself up on the fact that you gave in to the old assocations of smoking most people on this forum have tried numorous times to quit in the past and something has happened and the old habit to smoke rears its ugly head and makes you believe that smoking a ciggy will help you through the situation and in some cases it does seem like it does because your smoking head is enjoying having its habit back

that addictive habit that controls your life :eek:

its a very easy trap to fall back into sadly :(

but the fact that your deciding to give it another shot is great :)

just remember not to think about past quits just concentrate on this one and each day keep saying to yourself

im not going to smoke today

and you will get through taking baby steps along the way

onwards and upwards is the way to go




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