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Day 34 and starting a new job

Day 34 and I start a new job today.

Have been unemployed for just over two years, so quite a big challenge. Bit apprehensive but plenty of support and encouragement from friends and family getting me up for it. I mean if I can break the smoking ther habit after 35 years, and I have, then a new job should be a doddle.

Let you know, later. :)

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Hi Esso

Well, great stuff all round, with the quit and new job. Hope the day goes well all round. :D



Good luck Esso. Nothing is harder than quitting smoking :-)


Congrats with the job, Esso!

Hope today goes well... :)


Well done iv not worked for 7 months now I was made redundant.. That was another reson hy I gave up the fags. I didn't want go to a new job as a smoker


well done, quitting smoking is the hardest thing to do , getting a job after 2 yrs without one and in this recession is hard too so a huge well done.



Cheers everyone. First day went great as well. Nice office, nice people, really open and helpfull team members. Only an interim contract to end of the year initially but already I'm hoping it might last longer than that.

They have a designated smoking area outside and my new boss looked a bit disappointed when she said 'Are you a smoker?', to which I replied, 'I used to be'. Anyway she's seems fine, other than the smell of smoke which I never would have noticed before!


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