No Smoking Day
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Almost forgot!

Today is the four month anniversary of my quit, meaning I'm starting my fifth month of smoke free living. Has it been worth it?

Well, in the last four months:

[*]My income doubled

[*]My sex life has improved dramatically

[*]I've lost twenty pounds (that's weight, not money)

[*]All signs of aging on my body have disappeared

[*]It hasn't rained, except when it wasn't an inconvience to me

So was it worth stopping smoking? What do you think? :D

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Congatualtions DGee

I'm 68 and wondering when all signs of aging are going to leave my body ;)


Massive well done DGee how good does that feel:D


Well done! That is list is something! Worth quitting for I would say!:D


Well done... :D


Well done - another great milestone, with added benefits! :D


great post DGee :D

well done you


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